Disillusioned with dating

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But the new app Damn Love distinguishes itself pretty easily: It's a game that rewards you for your ability to ruin relationships. Jean Carroll created the game after handing over the reins of another project, matchmaking service Tawkify, to its new head, Kenneth Shaw.She'd worked on Tawkify since 2012, but when she got some tech-heavy advice, she decided to turn her attentions elsewhere, she told the Observer's Matt Kassel.

If someone is passionate about something, there’s a reason.

In my first year at university, one of my lecturers was a fairly attractive man in his late 30s/early 40s.

When I say fairly attractive, I mean he wasn’t a total troll, appeared to be single, and had a droll, slightly surly manner, which was a) quite hot and b) a precursor to a decade of me mistaking rude disinterest from the opposite sex for droll surliness.

Consciously working with our energy is about so much more than getting all the ‘stuff’ we want. It can create greater flow and ease in our everyday life.

It can positively impact our mental and physical health.

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