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” Effective immediately, Coach Pollock is being replaced by new camp director Dee-Dee Nelson.

A former member of the University of Utah women’s tennis team, Coach Dee-Dee was recently employed by the Salt Lake Swim and Health Club as a Junior High Performance Tennis Director and has been a high performance coach for 3 years.

"This potato could be just as important as those we eat today not only in terms of a food plant from the past, but as a potential food source for the future," says lead researcher Lisbeth Louderback from the University of Utah.

Potatoes from potatoes are still grown and eaten in Utah's Escalante region today, and have a nutty flavour when properly prepared – it's just that no one realised how far their history went back.

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Associate head coach Dan Pollock has stepped down from his position as camp director, but will continue his duties on the men’s tennis team, as well as private lessons at the Eccles Tennis Center.

Out-of-the-ordinary archaeological finds never fail to fascinate us as we dig into the past – like the prehistoric potato granules unearthed in Utah, which experts say could be up to 10,900 years old.

To be more precise, these are starch granules from the On top of that, this looks to be the first example of a domesticated potato plant (one made safe to eat) appearing in North America, giving historians new insight into the diets and cooking methods used by our ancient ancestors.

Demand for elephant ivory and other illegal products derived from endangered animals has grown in Asia in recent years, opening a fresh battleground in the struggle against illegal ivory.

Bans usually allow the sale of ivory that was legally acquired prior to 1976, including heirloom or antique pieces.

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