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The book offers plenty of nostalgic moments for anyone who spent any time during the past several decades in the cities.

The photojournalist took the Hong Kong photos during British colonial times, between 1977 and the handover in 1997, hence the book’s title, .

Instead of dealing with sexual violence, Amy was deported. Prostitutes often ask organizations such as Chi Tang Women's Association for help, instead of the government.

Lee Yuk Ling at the Chi Tang Women's Association said that because of the high cost of treatment in Macau, she had had to take injured sex workers to a hospital across the border in Zhuhai several times. Professor Luo Weijian, the vice-chairman of Macau’s Law Reform Commission, noted that prostitution is illegal in Macau, but it is very difficult to determine which behavior someone should be accused of. Luo, the Macau authorities handle legal and illegal workers differently.

I recently spent three weeks visiting Macau, the former Portuguese territory on the south coast of China.

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In addition to economic and psychological pressures, these women also face danger such as the threat of violence, during their work. When she called the police, the official first arrested her because her visa card had expired.

It is not known whether some of them were identified as victims of human trafficking.

The Social Welfare Bureau - which offers shelter and support to human-trafficking victims - said it had not received any referral from this particular case.

“People lived on crown land, and under the rule of the Queen,” Wong says, explaining the name.

“There is an undertone of ‘borrowed place, borrowed time’, no matter rich or poor, refugees from China or Vietnam, permanently settled or who sought shelter.

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