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But it’s not just Romney who is reluctant to recognize that all’s fair in love and war, and this election is about as close to existential for America as anything since World War II.

I was getting awfully close to having nothing to read!You have to have a penchant for hearing large-scale structures unfold over relatively long periods to appreciate classical music, though this can be an acquired skill.It’s this large-scale quality, the sheer dimension of expression that the master composers strove for, that makes classical music different. But the art form is certainly ambitious and demanding. Even a 20-minute Haydn string quartet requires you to focus in order to grasp the structure, content and character.I have to believe that Bach understood what a magnificent work his “St. From what we know, however, he probably assumed it would serve its purpose and eventually be retired.But Beethoven more or less started the idea of the composer as colossus: a heroic visionary with a rare link to transcendent realms, creating symphonic works for the ages.

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