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Until their little legs can carry them farther, our hiking adventures tend to be shorter than the average outdoorsman- but no less fun.

Just as always, please leave a comment below if you know of a hike in your area that is great for kids and 2 miles or under.

Although shallow, this 6,000 acre lake is approximately 2 miles wide and 4 miles long.

The gum and bald cypress swamps extending from the lake are the most intact natural systems on the state forest and host a variety of wading birds and other wildlife.

A couple of bald eagle nests are found adjacent to these swamps.

Sunnyland Creek, Lake Ridge Creek and Lake Forest Creek flow through the forest into Newnans Lake.

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POINT: Phone the telephone number in any of the cities in Florida or maybe investigate the webpage listings here to call additional places around the Sunshine State.

In January 2015, 1,005 acres of undeveloped land were assigned to the Florida Forest Service to manage as a state forest.

We have local numbers in all the major cities of Florida.

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